Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 little fingers and 10 little toes :)

I had a wonderful weekend with my Baby Boy :)
When everything seems dark, he just brightens my day..
Everyone please remember me in your Prayers.. I'm having a difficult time.

Mommy loves you Maveric!!

His new Hat, we bought today at Children's Place along with an adorable outfit :)

He decided he didn't want me to use this pan for no-bake cookies..

Maveric is going to be a great Big Brother.. he's blowing baby MADON kisses.

Feeling Baby Madon kick.. he was amazed!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) Remember Lia Sophia Giveaway going on.. 58.00 zebra bracelet, Giveaway will end 2-6-11... Be Blessed.

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Friday, January 28, 2011


First of all, big thanks to everyone who entered, I loved all your stories!!! It was very hard to pick! But..... the winner is.

with your address please.

Also the Lia Sophia giveaway will run till next week, gotta reach 100!!!!

Thanks Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lia Sophia Giveaway.. help me reach 100!!

I absolutely love my blog!!! I want to reach 100 followers, 150, 200, 300 would be great.. I am doing a giveaway a very nice Lia Sophia Bracelet, zebra of course, retails for 58.00.. so help me out girls.

Repost my Giveaway-20 entries
Add an entry about my blog-15 entries
My first 10 new followers will qualify for 10 entries :)

Spread the word.. here is a link as to what the bracelet looks like. (you will have to copy and paste to your browser!! :)

And the cupcake giveaway.. Girls it is going to be sooooo hard I have narrowed it down to 4, but I may have to have a little help again from Maveric.. stay tuned for the GIVEAWAY Winner I will announce on Friday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My My Maveric :)

It has been the longest day.. Maveric got up at 5am.. Why? I still have yet to figure that one out.. He has been going strong all day. I'm not used to being home with him all day long, so I learning his routine my mom has had him on for the last 8 months.

I am now a full-time stay at home mommy, I had to resigned from my full time nursing job because of my pregnancy complications with Madon. I still have a prn posistion, but it's not promised how many patients or how many days a week I will work, so it is def. going to be a whole different ballgame around here. I'm used to going on weekly shopping sprees, but I would much rather stay home with my babies and attend to my school work, and make sure Madon is healthy.. so It was God's plan.

Here's some pics from last week.. we had another big snow and we're supposed to be getting more tonight into tomorrow :) remember the giveaway ends Friday!! Have a great week. Love Love Love.

this picture would be perfect for a charmin commercial. he literally had it stretch all the way to the living room.. he sometimes strives for attention lol

helping daddy with the snow.

ready to go sled n' :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


REMEMBER HOW'D YOU MEET YOUR CUPCAKE WILL RUN TILL THIS WEEKEND. I Will pick the winner on Friday!! I have had some cute stories, love them all!!! Thanks.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

BOWS,TUTU's and Ribbons.. OH MY!

Hey Girls.. I am taking up tutu and bow orders this weekend thru Tuesday. I have posted a few tutus and bows... prices are very reasonable!

All tutus 15.00 baby sizes (6 months under) 10.00

Large bows 2 for 8.00 or 3.50 each

Small Bows 2.00 each or 3 for 5.00

New spring colored bows are beautiful!! Lots of zebra print!

Msg me if interested or email me at

The first 3 orders on blogspot will recieve a free pair of leggings!!

Have a great weekend...





Thursday, January 20, 2011

For the Love of CHEERIOS...

Maveric decided to eat breakfast off the floor this morning...


He soon added milk as well!


But he made up to mommy and helped with laundry :)



Remember the giveaway conts. till 1-28-11 and my tutu winners your tutus have been mailed! Thanks again.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!!! How'd you meet your Cupcake??

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I was craving cupcakes..I mean pregnancy just does something to me so..On a shopping trip to Kohl's a couple weeks ago I came across a book..a CUPCAKE Book coincidence? I think so. it contains over 60 decorating tips for cupcakes.I started looking at it Last night when I was in mind was drifting... I knew my anniversary is around the corner, I was worried about my first nursing I gonna go back to work.. and in the midst of all this I was thinking I need a cute idea for my blog! Cupcakes,anniversary, blog?? Then it came to me.. A GIVEAWAY! How'd you meet your cupcake!!
So ladies now's your chance to tell your story. How did you meet the love of your life?

This giveaway consist of:
*cupcake book
*cupcake dish towels (adorable)
*cupcake icing knives
*cupcake foil wraps
*baking utensils
*cupcake magnets
*and of course cupcake mix!!

Tell your story and recieve -10 entries
Blog about my page recieve-20 entries
Follow me for life :) and recieve-15 entries

NOW my love story :)
I met Matthew in 5th grade, he was the new boy, such a cutie, we talked in middle school never dated, couldn't stand one another in high school lol
Matthew went away to the military straight after graduation.. so we of course became friends on myspace, talked every once in a while. In Feb. of 2008 we talked almost everyday, and he said he would be home soon and that was kinda the last I heard from him.In May of 2008 after a tour of duty in Iraq he came home on leave..he messaged me a couple weeks prior to and told me he would come see me when he got home.. the day he arrived I had gullbladder surgery (11 days before my 21st birthday). I thought I had already missed my chance.. My 21st birthday rolled around and after losing 15 lbs I was looking pretty fly lol


The night of my 21st I of course indulged in what most 21 year olds do.. PARTY! We had a night on the town, my last stop that night was a little dance club in our home town and my MATTHEW was there. We immediately made eye contact when I walked in the door, he came up to me, gave me a hug, bought me a drink. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! After that weekend we spent every last minute we could together and before he went back on leave he ask me to be his girlfriend.. Our summer together


The next couple months we spent flying back and forth seeing one another.He was stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. I would fly there stay 4 and 5 days fly home, then 2 weeks would past then he would fly home.. We did this for 9 months.. all that grand total with airline tickets, hotels, food, gas, was well over 10,000 :)

August rolled around and Matthew was home for a couple days, he started acting extremely weird.. I thought he is going to break up with me. We spent the weekend at the Ohio State Game, then on Saturday we were coming home from Columbus he said he was going to go out with one of his friends.. What?? He called me Sunday morning and said do you want to go eat, I was so mad I almost refused.. We arrived at Texas Roadhouse in Ashland and my family was there, I thought well this is odd. We ate, talked and the whole time he was shaking, I thought he was coming down with the flu.. then he handed me this zebra bag with a box in it......

I opened the box and inside was a DOG TAG, I THOUGHT AH HE's giving me his dogtag because he must be going back overseas :( Everyone kept starring at me because I hadn't really examined the tag yet, then when I turned it over it said "Michelle, Will you marry me?" Then when I turned to Matthew there was my ring.... AHHHHH!!!






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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Recap and TuTu winners :)

It has been an extremely long week of studying nursing almost to the extent I could puke! I did however get to see my baby BOY on ultrasound again at the Doctor, and now I know for sure, after 3 Ultrasounds he is def. a boy!!

Madon Londyn's sweet little face

His legs crossed he is relaxing!!

I decided since according to my OB baby Madon could be here in the next 11-13 weeks I could start buying him some clothes, only if I found good deals.. well of course I found good deals..


I purchased all of these adorable cute little outfits for only 136.88 :) mostly carters and childrens place brand.. I love coupons and 20% off sales!

Maveric was slightly wore out from our shopping spree!


We spent Saturday night making Tutu's and hairbows....

And what a more perfect person to size.... YOURS TRULY MAVERIC!
cruel and unjust?? I know.. lol


and I promise I give my kid a bath he has his first oreo all over his face!

Not looking forward to this week, after being off work for 6 weeks I have valued being a stay at home mommy :) Going to school fulltime, 2 babies, a husband and a fulltime job that requires me to see 35-40 patients a week, I just don't see me mentally handling all this!! Plus I help teach a class on Wednesday nights at church, I'm exhausted already without the work.. So with a lot of praying this week, I hope God leads me in the right direction as to what to do. I know he will provide for us no matter what...

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday what is left of it and a wonderful start to the work week!! My tutu winners are (ANNIE,HOLLY, AND KRISTA..) I'll be sending these out no later than Wednesday. Thanks to all who entered!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TuTu Thursday!! Enter to Win!!

I have seriously never been so sleep deprived in my life!!! First week of school and it is killing me... so in honor of my bad week I decided I would do another giveaway.. Enter to Win a cute little tutu for your sweet little girls,nieces,or even yourself.. 2 lucky ladies will win.. ENTER AWAY.. GIVEAWAY ENDS SUNDAY!! :) Just email me at with you interest!! GOOD LUCK.


(Note these will be made in the size you need) this won't be a color choice though because this is from Christmas... they will be in spring colors!


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Since I just started school yesterday and it is consuming my life I decided during a little break I would find a creative way to let Maveric help me pick my giveaway winner... this is our recap from the day!

I started my day with homemade hot chocolate.... and then my new best friends my BSN nursing books. :)

My new friends for the next 11 months... what was I thinking?

Maveric decided in between my studies he wanted to play hide and seek..I wonder where Maveric is???

(I love that you can only see his lil feet)

He was amazed once again by the snow and tried to beat the window out, poor little thing has a sinus infection though.

So we decided after 6 hours of studying mommy needed to do the giveaway.. so I put everyone of my blog followers in a bowl.. shook them up and let Maveric pick one..well not exactly




So my mom decided she would help him out..


and he picked...

CONGRATS KELI FROM BLOG..1 boy +1 girl =a happy mom Email me at with your home address...


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Has never been more ready for bed :)

I have had a semi-wonderful weekend, minus this head cold I am getting. :(

Friday Night I had an early birthday dinner with one of my good friends Kayla, food was wonderful, great company, then Maveric got a little crazy, he wanted to show us how to dip his paci in a glass of ice water, spilling it into my coach purse and all over my Iphone.. needless to say the phone didn't work the rest of the evening. When we got home I put it in a bag of rice to dry it out,after posting it on facebook I had 36 comments stating it probably was going to take few days to work again, thank Goodness I can upgrade Wednesday!! Wild man finally went to sleep at 10:30, but only if Mommy held him, so he basically slept on baby Madon.


We woke up to snow this morning, only about 2 inches, but Maveric is so amazed by it, it was only a high today of 24 so I wouldn't take him out in it, (OCD MOTHER I KNOW).. We spent half the morning, fighting each other to get dressed...and I will admit I didnt pick out the most cooperative outfit to put Maveric in

45 minutes later, my little pretty boy :)

We had plans to attend Brody Luke's Birthday Party in Lewis County Kentucky,so we needed to leave about an hour prior to the party starting.. but Maveric had other plans.

he tore out everyone of his books, over 100 of them and decided he wanted to relax and read them... (not all of this mess would fit in the picture lol)

We picked up our mess, then we had a few minutes to capture a picture of our cuteness.. I love my boys :)
We somehow got to the birthday party 25 minutes before it started.. and I discovered this little country grocery store, I though well this will save me a trip to walmart... I purchased a mop, formula, diapers, cookies, tide and a baseball to keep Maveric happy and it was over 60.00 maybe Wal-mart wasn't such a bad idea..

We made it to the Birthday Party to help Brody Luke celebrate turning 2!

Happy Birthday Brody Luke!!

We made it home by 4 and our PJ's went on instantly. I wanted hotdogs today so I made onion rings and hotdog sauce and we enjoyed :) Maveric discovered he likes ketchup, well playing in the ketchup..

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I start back to school Monday for my BSN.. this should be loads of fun with 2 babies and a full-time job... Hope everyone has a blessed SUNDAY and stay tuned for the 1-12-11 GIVEAWAY!!! And the followers I have emailed make sure you send me your home address Please for your gifts :)