Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome to my crazy life.. :)

Maveric 2 months old

My Family

Mia Marie McFann

Our House
Zoe & Frank The Tank

Krit started this for me over a year ago. but being pregnant really takes the life outta you.. literally. I can't wait to meet new friends and do giveaways like krit :)

A little about me.. I got married 2-14-09 to a wonderful guy named Matthew.. after many years of dating jerks I finally met Mr. Right on my 21st birthday :) Me and Matthew spent most of 2008 away from one another because he was in the Army stationed at Fort Wiley Kansas.. but when I could I would fly out there and stay several days then come home.. I knew it was true love. We got engaged at Texas Roadhouse on 8-31-2008..Everything just fell into place after that. We bought our first house in Nov. a lil fixer upper for 20,000. and then the new life began..

2009 was a rough year. I found out I was pregnant on March 17th 2009. I was so shocked because 3 weeks prior to my wedding I was told I would never have children.. God surely blessed us. The 1st couple months of pregnancy was soooo rough... I was on bedrest 2 times before 5 months.. I had a blood clot and was high risk. Then in my 7 month I was soo big.. My feet were huge, and being a nurse and working long hours wasn't cutting it.. I was 105lbs when I got pregnant.. I was 182 when I delivered.. It was hard.. Matthew got a job at the prison and had to go for training all the time so I was always by myself.. well I had my lil Dog Mia. well not lil she is a wymer rymer. she never left my side. I went into labor 4 different times.. and my doctor finally took me off work at 32 weeks. During this time period matthew thought it was such a wonderful idea to get 2 more Wymer Rymers that weighed 120 lbs a piece.. so 3 big dogs and a newborn didnt sound like a great idea.. Zoe & Frank the Tank are their names.. they were such a big help to me.. NOT.. lol. When I was 37 1/2 weeks I went to the doctor to learn I had toxemia and preclampsia.. so I was on bedrest for another week.. then on OCTOBER 23RD 2009 Mr. Maveric Leighton-Joe McFann made his way into the world at 1:00 pm on the dot.. weighing 7lbs 1 oz nd 21inches long.. He was a little bruised because he came soo fast. I was only in labor for 4 hours.. it was nice..

At Maverics 6 week checkup they found a murmur.. or so they thought. So we had to go have all kinds of test ran. Around Christmas he got sick with an URI so I tried to take him to his doctor and he wouldnt see him.. so I had no choice but to get a different doctor.. and might I add she is amazing.. so Maveric goes to the doctor the last week in Dec. and we learn his heart murmur is not a murmur but a valve defect that he was born with.. Soo his doctor told us he would have several more test ran and if it wasnt healed by his appt in lthe middle of Jan. he would have surgery to repair it at UK in Lexington. Maveric has been on every prayer list in the tri-state.. I just kept saying God he is to cute to be sick.. he is perfect.Please no.. don't do this to me. I have enough stress.. Soo after another EKG and a visit to a Peds Cardiologist.. we got the greatest news...

His lil heart got better.. We all know who the great and powerful healer is.. I owe it all to GOD.. he saved my baby boy.. Now we just go for checkups every 6 weeks.. Maveric weighs 16 lbs 2 oz now.. and is 27 inches long at 3 months.. sooo he is very well fed lol.. He looks just like his daddy.. and he has stolen the hearts of millions.. Sooo Here we go.. Keep up with my crazy life.. Check out the pics of my lil family and enjoy :)