Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway...

I have absolutely fell in love with this product for those of you who don't know what scentsy is... it is wickless, flameless candles you can burn in your home with low watt bulbs.. no smoke, no mess :) I have several burners in my home.. and it smells wonderful!! So I will be doing a free plugin and 2 scents of your choice... Giveaway ends Tuesday.

Just simply.

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Here is the warmer, and the website I have linked so you can check it out..

here is the warmer and you pick the scents..



the scents come in bars, you just pop one out into the warmer.. last up to 1 month....

Giveaway ends Tuesday 3-29-11 that way I can get it ordered, sent out and on time before baby Madon gets here!!