Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My My Maveric :)

It has been the longest day.. Maveric got up at 5am.. Why? I still have yet to figure that one out.. He has been going strong all day. I'm not used to being home with him all day long, so I learning his routine my mom has had him on for the last 8 months.

I am now a full-time stay at home mommy, I had to resigned from my full time nursing job because of my pregnancy complications with Madon. I still have a prn posistion, but it's not promised how many patients or how many days a week I will work, so it is def. going to be a whole different ballgame around here. I'm used to going on weekly shopping sprees, but I would much rather stay home with my babies and attend to my school work, and make sure Madon is healthy.. so It was God's plan.

Here's some pics from last week.. we had another big snow and we're supposed to be getting more tonight into tomorrow :) remember the giveaway ends Friday!! Have a great week. Love Love Love.

this picture would be perfect for a charmin commercial. he literally had it stretch all the way to the living room.. he sometimes strives for attention lol

helping daddy with the snow.

ready to go sled n' :)