Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!!! How'd you meet your Cupcake??

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I was craving cupcakes..I mean pregnancy just does something to me so..On a shopping trip to Kohl's a couple weeks ago I came across a book..a CUPCAKE Book coincidence? I think so. it contains over 60 decorating tips for cupcakes.I started looking at it Last night when I was in bed..my mind was drifting... I knew my anniversary is around the corner, I was worried about my first nursing test..am I gonna go back to work.. and in the midst of all this I was thinking I need a cute idea for my blog! Cupcakes,anniversary, blog?? Then it came to me.. A GIVEAWAY! How'd you meet your cupcake!!
So ladies now's your chance to tell your story. How did you meet the love of your life?

This giveaway consist of:
*cupcake book
*cupcake dish towels (adorable)
*cupcake icing knives
*cupcake foil wraps
*baking utensils
*cupcake magnets
*and of course cupcake mix!!

Tell your story and recieve -10 entries
Blog about my page recieve-20 entries
Follow me for life :) and recieve-15 entries

NOW my love story :)
I met Matthew in 5th grade, he was the new boy, such a cutie, we talked in middle school never dated, couldn't stand one another in high school lol
Matthew went away to the military straight after graduation.. so we of course became friends on myspace, talked every once in a while. In Feb. of 2008 we talked almost everyday, and he said he would be home soon and that was kinda the last I heard from him.In May of 2008 after a tour of duty in Iraq he came home on leave..he messaged me a couple weeks prior to and told me he would come see me when he got home.. the day he arrived I had gullbladder surgery (11 days before my 21st birthday). I thought I had already missed my chance.. My 21st birthday rolled around and after losing 15 lbs I was looking pretty fly lol


The night of my 21st I of course indulged in what most 21 year olds do.. PARTY! We had a night on the town, my last stop that night was a little dance club in our home town and my MATTHEW was there. We immediately made eye contact when I walked in the door, he came up to me, gave me a hug, bought me a drink. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! After that weekend we spent every last minute we could together and before he went back on leave he ask me to be his girlfriend.. Our summer together


The next couple months we spent flying back and forth seeing one another.He was stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. I would fly there stay 4 and 5 days fly home, then 2 weeks would past then he would fly home.. We did this for 9 months.. all that grand total with airline tickets, hotels, food, gas, was well over 10,000 :)

August rolled around and Matthew was home for a couple days, he started acting extremely weird.. I thought he is going to break up with me. We spent the weekend at the Ohio State Game, then on Saturday we were coming home from Columbus he said he was going to go out with one of his friends.. What?? He called me Sunday morning and said do you want to go eat, I was so mad I almost refused.. We arrived at Texas Roadhouse in Ashland and my family was there, I thought well this is odd. We ate, talked and the whole time he was shaking, I thought he was coming down with the flu.. then he handed me this zebra bag with a box in it......

I opened the box and inside was a DOG TAG, I THOUGHT AH HE's giving me his dogtag because he must be going back overseas :( Everyone kept starring at me because I hadn't really examined the tag yet, then when I turned it over it said "Michelle, Will you marry me?" Then when I turned to Matthew there was my ring.... AHHHHH!!!






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  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a cute story! I love reading about how guys proposed. How sweet is that. :) Well, I'm currently single, and will probably be so on Valentine's day too, lol. But great topic, and thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Wow! Great story! I will share mine. First, I am a follower for life. How can I not be, we are both Michele's, just spelled differently. Anyway, here is my love story. My husband and I met in 2003. He was stationed in Okinawa Japan, and I was in PA. We met on an online yahoo chatroom. We talked that day for like 6 hours. We talked everyday online after that. He came home on leave for Christmas, we met up and I knew how I felt, but he was young and I knew he had to go back :( After he left we talked at least twice a month checking in with each other. Our timing never really worked out, he was single, I was dating someone or vice versa. The summer of 2005 I was back in PA and so was he. We went to a beach and the day was perfect! I told him that day that I loved him. But, he had no response. So,I finished my visit in PA and headed back to where I was living at the time. I went on living my life. One day he called me and told me he loved me! Great, I thought, although I was dating someone at the time. We continued being friends and kept checking in on each other. In 2006, he went off to White Sands NM bc he was now in the USAR. One night, he called me, and asked me out. Of course I said yes! That was Feb 8, 2006. His proposal wasn't all that romantic, it isn't him, but on Feb 8, 2008 he proposed, and on Aug 8, 20009, I became his wife. We've been married 1.5 years and now have our beautiful daughter! It's been a crazy journey, but what an awesome one it is!

  3. Oh, and look for a blog post by the end of the night!

  4. Aww...that is such a sweet story! I am currently single and happy. I want to finish school and get settled in my career before I start dating seriously.

  5. I met my honey while playing in an adult kickball league. I was a player and he was a ref! Such a funny story!

  6. Girl you come up with the cutest ideas ever!!!
    Love the new blog header and the zebra!
    Love the cupcake theme, Brody loves cupcakes..haha

    Me and Timmy met when he was on leave, we went out on a blind date that Chase and Rikki sat us up on to the haunted trail and dennys, haha love at first sight!

  7. Oh that is so sweet!!!!!! I met my hubby at work - He was working at a local company and I heard they were hiring. When i went in they said they had already hired someone for that position and they were sorry. A couple of weeksl ater I heard through the grapevine that the girl didn't work out and that they were looking again - they didn't post it in the paper EVER so it seems like divine intervention that I even heard about it. I walked in and did the interview and got he job. The next morning when I started and first laid eyes on him it was love at first sight but I was already engaged and in a relationship so things weren't that easy. Long story made short that relationship ended and he and I ended up together - that was 9 years ago :)

    I'm also following now - so glad you commented on my blog - love yours!

  8. Aww loved this post! So cute!! The pics of you as a cupcake is AWESOME!:)

    I got my gift last night, THANK YOU! I love it! Just what I needed after a rough week, you are too sweet!

  9. Great blog! Loved your story, brought tears to my eyes:) New reader!

  10. Okay, how beautiful are you? The red & zebra print looks amazing on you!

    Thank you SO much for the gift!

  11. My boyfriend (Chris) and I met actually at a bar. I had just gotten my braces on and I went with my bestie to go meet the guy she was "talking" too. Her guy actually brought along two of his friends which one happened to be Chris. Since I had just gotten my braces on I was a little self conscious and wasn't talking much. And apparently I came off as a B*&$@, and I thought Chris was a complete A-Hole. After about a month of always running into each other going out... we became best friends, always doing stuff together... my best girlfriend, Chris and I were like the 3 musketeers pretty much inseparable.

    Probably a year later my bestie tried to hook me up with one of her clients (she's a hair dresser) she brought him out to one of the local bars we went to a lot... and of course Chris was there.. and wasn't letting the meet up happen. My bestie new Chris liked me... and she kept telling me and I was like eww.. no his is like my brother.. no way no how is that happening.

    The "meet" up guy and I made plans for the following Friday to do dinner down at the beach.. date night came.. Chris kept sending me nasty text to call him after I was done on my date. On the way down to the beach.. I mentioned that we should pick up my bestie who set us up to join us, so that way it wasn't awkward or anything ( you know how first dates go) so we swing by and pick her up.. go to dinner and have some drinks... ends up that they had more in common then he and I (and come to find out she actually had liked him for awhile, but thought he wouldn't be into her).

    Throughout dinner Chris was still texting me... asking how my date was going. At that time our date got up to use the restroom and I looked at my bestie and told her... you have more in common with him then I do..so you go for him and I will go for Chris.

    4 years later... Chris and I are still dating... and my Bestie and the date are still dating. =)

    True story!! Everyone always ask if its weird.. and ask if we are still friends when we tell the story. =)

  12. Brittany from Silvey family blog said to check out your blog!! Love your design & your posts. Can't wait to do one of your give-aways:)


  14. Hi,
    I have been married to my dream man, Brent, for 8 years. I was a single mom of 4 and he was a single dad with 2 boys. We met on eHarmony. He was one of my first matches. I moved from NC to NY to be his wife and its been an amazing journey of teamwork and faithfulness. Besides our six children, who have blended wonderfully, we have 2 together. Zeke is now 5, Naomi is 3. Naomi loves cupcakes and all things pink. She would love cupcake making supplies for her birthday in March. I will be back to follow your sweet story! You are blessed!

  15. I will post this giveaway on my blog and I'm a follower...very cute giveaway! :) Your LOVE story is amazing! :)I met my husband during my Freshman year in college. Told one of my friends I was going to marry him and I had never even talked to him! Found out then that she was his first cousin (that it was also his birthday) and told me if I didn't make a move, she was going to tell him. I found out where his car was parked and left him a birthday card with my number. He called me that night, we went on our first date, and have been inseparable ever since. We have been married 16 years this July!

  16. Such a cute story!! Here's mine: My boyfriend and I met on Myspace. I logged on one day and had a message from this cute guy. I never thought much of it, so I just said Hi back and we ended up talking back and forth. We eventually exchanged instant message names and talked for hours on end. We decided to meet up at a local mall for a few hours of just walking around. A few hours turned into a whole day with dinner and a week later on Valentine's he asked me to be his girlfriend! This Valentine's day will be 5 years for us!

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  18. Ahhhhhhhh... what a great story :)
    I actually found your blog off of Stafford Stories-- so Ive been catching up :)

    Ive added your blog to my list-- and Im a follower :)

  19. My cupcake story.....................

    Twelve years ago I was a jr in high school and my friends and I would go hang out at a neighboring town. The cool thing to do in small town Iowa was to "cruise the loop"... circle the main streets over and over-- sounds like fun- right?!?!
    Well, I had seen this guy around town, but didnt know who he was. One night we saw his car parked outside the Napa store, so my friend Laura (the gutsy one of us) went into the store and asked who drove the Blue Pontiac Sunfire... My mistery man then said I do, and she asked if he would come outside. He walked out and asked if we needed help, and my friend said no and proceeded to tell him that I wanted to meet him. Now 12 years later we are married and have a 2 year old little boy :)


  20. Very cute love story!!!

    Here's how I met my cuppy cake!!!!

    15 years ago, I was 20 and my future hubby was 25. My dad (a preacher) had hired someone to be his assistant pastor. Come to find our new assistant pastor had a very handsome nephew that was searching for a church. So he had invited him to come. I actually new of his brother and had heard of him since we all lived in a small town and had gone to school together. He used to drive my brothers home from football practice. Anywho.... I was unavailable at the time and was actually engaged. It was a long distance relationship and turned into a very bad relationship and I knew I had to get out of it. When I would go to visit....I started to see a side of this person that scared me to death. I won't go into anymore detail than that. Throughout this very difficult time, Brad (my future hubby) and my best friend Melissa...were right by my side the entire time until I had the nerve to end it! Brad and became really close friends throughout this process. My parents didn't want me to date right away because I had been through so much and they didn't want to see me hurt again. I went through a severe depression and Brad never left my side. We ended up just being meant for each other. We were married and had a beautifully sweet wedding ceremony. In April we will celebrate our 14 year anniversary. We have 2 wonderful children. I fall in love with him more and more each and everyday!!! Just the other day I wrote a post just about him....you can check it out at williamsoncrew.blogspot.com Thank you for doing this darling giveaway and taking the time to let me tell my love story!!!