Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Back..

Sorry Guys I lost my password so I had to get a new one.. but anyways..

I just celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary with Matthew on Valentine's Day :) We had a nice dinner just the two of us :) Maveric stayed with his mammy that nice.. then we went and seen the New Valentine's Day movie.. I loved it.. Good movie.

Maveric has been rolling over non-stop and slobbering.. we're getting some teethers.. He slept 9 1/2 hours last night.. he is such a good boy. He still isn't into his crib yet.. he dosen't care for it to much.. so daddy is still on the couch and Baby is in his bed.. lol.

What about all this snow?? Ah I think we have had enough already this year. I am so ready to see green grass and flowers again.. We bought a harley..so I am ready to ride.

I'm doing a give away.. :) and I would like to base it on.. SPRING. so tell me why you love spring and the best answer wins.. It's a bundle of cute things.. all spring colors. you will love it. I promise. So get to writing ladies...

Talk to you all soon. :) Enjoy the new pics.

My Lil Slobber jaws.. love him.

Baby Carlos.. (from the Hangover movie..lol.) He loves hats

My Anniversary Present to myself.. New Tags for my New car :)


  1. I love spring because it is like a fresh start. I love opening up the windows to air out the house, and taking my daughter on nice long walks. Anything seems possible in the spring!

  2. I love how spring smells. You know when you walk out of the house in the morning and take a deep breath in? The spring air is just so fresh and clean!

    BTW, Maveric is adorable and I love the license plate!

  3. Love your license plate!! What I love about spring: all the new baby calf's at my grandpa's dairy, Easter (it's one of my fav holidays), having an excuse to go buy new clothes, all the flowers are blooming, the weather, it's just so beautiful outside during spring!

  4. Such cute picks of the little one!!

    I LOVE lots about spring!...some of the best:
    -the smell (fresh air)!
    -The flowers popping up and the leaves starting to form!
    -CLOTHES...I can finally start wearing cute dresses and flip-flops and put my bulky sweaters away!
    -busting out the stroller and going for a walk! I have NO time for the gym…but can make time to walk with my boy :)
    -taking him to the park! He LOVED the baby swing last year...can't wait to see what he thinks of it this spring!
    -LONGER DAYS...can't wait for it to stay light past 6 o'clock...maybe I wont be so tired then!

    ahhhh....now if it would just hurry up and get here!!

  5. I love Spring because it's time to whip out the cute clothes & enjoy the temperatures that don't disappoint! I am especially excited about this Spring because I will graduate from nursing school and get a job as an RN...and next Spring my fiance and I who have been dating over 6 years now are getting married on my 23rd birthday (May 7)...so Spring is full of happy times including the weather!

  6. First of all I love the license plate...too cute!!:)

    I love Spring...Spring remind me of being a child back home with my parents and the smell of fresh air and beautiful blooms coming up! I an even remember the smell of the freshly plowed ground that my daddy just plowed to get ready for the summer garden!! I love the warm temperatures, cute clothes, and especially cute shoes!!

    You have a great evening and congrats on your anniversary!!

  7. spring?

    the smell of fresh dirt...
    the little green shoots poking up thru the surface promising beautiful flowers soon...
    driving with the top down on the convertible...
    wild flowers painting the hills behind my home...
    open windows....
    sheets drying on the clothes line....
    it's like waking up from a good nap and feeling like you can conquer the world.

  8. I love spring because it means warmer weather and I can start pulling out my dresses to wear! I love that it's time to plant flowers too!

  9. I love all of the blooming flowers in the spring and being able to watch them all come to life again after a long dead winter!

  10. I love spring because of the colors and the smells. It means you can be outside more, live more, love more. It means you can have clothes drying on the clothes line, start wearing flip flops. I love spring because well it just isn't winter!

  11. Spring is the best, Minus all my horrible allergies I get.
    I love all the pics of Maverick. He is such a cutie.

  12. I live in Ohio, so the reason I love spring is because of the days when you go to bed and it's freezing, and you wake up and it's sunny and you can hear BIRDS CHIRPING... I love spring colors (pastels, bright colors), and I looove being able to start doing things outside now that winter is over; my favorite spring activities: hula hooping, roller blading, reading a book on my front deck, and taking the dogs for walks. Looove spring, and writing all of this made me want it here even more!!!